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Choose a word list above. Lexifind will search for words within that list. TWL 2006, SOWPODS (Collins) and OSPD4 are Scrabble ® lists, but can be used for any kind of word search.

Type any word in the field above and Lexifind will instantly tell you if it is in your word list. As with all of Lexifind's word search features, "You don't even have to ask!" Just backspace and retype to try different endings. This simple feature instantly resolves word questions and challenges during a game.

Enter letters to be played in Rack Letters, using _ (underscore) for blanks (try LEXIFI_ ). To require a letter, follow it with a ! (LEX!IFI_ ). For scrambled word games, leave Board Area empty; otherwise enter a # (pound sign) for each open square in the area of the board where you would like to play and #* (pound star) for a line of multiple open squares if you don't care how many of them are filled by the letters of your word (try #*IR# ). To make words at right angles use side-search (try
[?H][?A][?T]#* to play your Letters above the word HAT).

To find all words that fit a board area or crossword space, without limiting yourself to playing from a rack of specific letters, enter letters and open squares in that board area or crossword entry using a # (pound sign) for each open square and #* (pound star) when there are multiple open squares and you don't care how many of them are filled by the letters of your word (try #*DOG#). This is great for finding words an opponent might play after you play a word you are considering. Use side-search for board or crossword areas with adjacent letters.
You can also make study lists, like two-letter words (try ##) or words with no vowels (try [^AEIOU]*).